Electric Soil Sterilizer 1/8 Cu. Yard/120V/Stainless Steel (click here for details)


Stainless Steel Heating Tubes, Stainless Steel interior with aluminized steel exterior, heavy duty plated handles, and adjustable temperature range of 140-200 degrees F.

Manufacturer Name: Pro-Grow Supply


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Heavy Duty Pro-Grow Soil Sterilizer model SST-15 (120V) features and specifications:

Stainless Steel interior and exterior – new! starting 01-01-2021

Incoloy sheathed and moisture sealed heating elements

Stainless Steel heating tubes throughout (important feature)

Cord: 9 ft. 3 wire cord and plug set (optional 25′ cord set available as special order)

Heavy-duty plated handles

Adjustable temperature range of 140-200 degrees F.

Soil Capacity:  1/8 Cubic Yard (up to 1 cubic yards in 24 hours)

Electrical: 120V 50/60 HZ AC-1500W-12.5 Amps

Dimensions: 33″L x 17″W  x 16″D

Estimated shipping weight: 85 LBS.

Instructions for use included

An important first step in controlling weeds, pests (excellent for common fugus gnats), and pathogens safely, efficiently, and chemical-free in your screened soil or screened finished compost before using in propagating seeds and plants.  The sterilizer is filled to the top of the container and then the unit is plugged in. The thermostat is then set to the correct pasteurizing temperature. The indicator light will glow until the batch is done and the sterilizer automatically shuts off.  After the light goes off, wait 15 minutes then pick up the unit and the pasteurized or sterilized soil will drop out the bottom. Next, beneficial amendments and supplements may be added for customized growing mixes.  Important design notes: Pro-Grow sterilizer’s proven design and specially selected materials allow for easy cleaning and open top/bottom to allow proper drying when not in use, to prevent molds, and to promote longevity of equipment. Also, the special design is important because moist dirt/growing media cannot be easily shoveled out of any metal sterilizer or fully tipped out of a sterilizer when finished…the Pro-Grow unit is simply lifted up and the material drops straight down and through. Pro-Grow engineering has spent decades testing all of their equipment in their labs and is committed to manufacturing equipment with special designs features that are built-to-last.

Along with using an excellent quality pasteurized growing mix, sterilizing your containers and tools is another important step. Seed flats, pots, trays, and tools should be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Rinse and allow to dry before using again.

*Control the quality of your growing mixes, minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals, and include this important first step in propagating strong, healthy plants. Successful growers around the country use Pro-Grow Sterilizers.

**Note: For heat sterilization to be effective, the soil must have adequate moisture for proper heat transfer and adequate time and temperature for the application. Click here for information on Potting Media and Plant Propagation.

Enjoy increased production year-after-year with Pro-Grow, a trusted brand in manufacturing heavy-duty horticulture products in the U.S.A.


Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 18 × 17 in